Martin Olsansky

Martin Olsansky

About me


I have 9+YOE as a full-stack web engineer (focus on frontend) in domains such as cybersecurity [,], banking [], video platform [], marketplaces [] and healthtech [].

Outside of work, I mentor to aspiring software engineers [] and entrepreneurs [].

I co-founded a company [] which has secured a 7 digit figure funding. We've been also selected to collaborate with ESA (European Space Agency) and join their innovation incubator and also YC school. Had a chance to hire and work with some great people. We generated revenue and were able to put some bread on the table. We've made our customers lives easier. There is a lot to unpack from this experience.

I gave lighting talks about JS and React. Co-organised events dedicated to biotech, bioinformatics and biohacking. I've participated in many Startup Weekends. I was a core member of a local hackerspace. I've converted a chest freezer into my own Wim Hof cold plunge. Wrote some tech articles and contributed to open source projects.


I appreciate that my ideas and opinions are heard, and it feels good to know that my work is valuable to others. It's important to have a clear goal or vision, as it gives me something to work towards. Having time to improve myself and help others improve is great too. It's nice when people keep their promises, showing that they're reliable. "Skin in the game" means having a personal stake in what I'm doing, which I believe is important. Lastly, I value transparency as it helps in understanding what's going on and builds trust. A place where we can grow.

Time zones

Working remotely from the EU.

At 8AM EST, I have 2PM CET.
That's 5-6 working hours overlap.

At 8AM PST, I have 5PM CET.
That's 2-4 working hours overlap.

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Tech stack

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